Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And so it begins.

Hello Everyone,
I've noticed myself getting up earlier and earlier every day lately, just a couple of minutes but now that the sunrise has passed my wake up time, I seem to be chasing the sun. This is the same thing as last year that I struggled to get a handle on. Course Melissa just sailed right through it loving every minute of sunshine. It took me till the middle of may to shut down my internal clock and just sleep by the little clock on my beside table. Hopefully this year will be easier, I don't think we'll get much of 24 hour hour daylight, at least not the intesity we experienced last year.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Lovely sunshine, especially in the dead of winter is always a welcome event for me. It's been said that northerners do not get enough Vitamin D during the winter and it could be a contributing factor in the high rates of cancer in these hemispheres. Whenever we get a cold crisp day with blue skies and bright sunshine, I feel great, despite the cold and snow.

Just heard on the news that it might be possible that temperatures here could go above freezing next week. Now if a warmup happens quickly, PUC's could be in for some problems. It seems that many run-off grates are buried beneath the snow, so some flooding could be experienced. Always something to worry about.

Another round of layoffs in the big three auto industry. I would imagine that places such as Windsor are in for a rather bumpy ride. So many people are turning to imports for their new purchases. Just last week, my daughter told me her company is doing just that. For years, they have always used domestic trucks, but with the entrance of the Toyota Tundra, they have decided all new vehicles will be from Toyota. I guess the old adage is right - if you build something people want and can afford, they will buy it.

It's rather hard to believe but February is half over already. I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day -- is that a day that is celebrated there?

Take care -- Rosalie