Saturday, February 17, 2007

If you have nothing nice to say....

Hello Everyone,
Seems like the silence on this blog is going to continue for awhile. Things are occurring in our lives right now that should not be made public till some resolution has been reached. Many of our friends are aware of this problem however I find myself unable to focus on daily trivialities without some resentment seething through into my writing, and as such, we will limit the writing here till such a time when we can discuss the issue or we can move on to other things. I'll try to post some pictures to keep thing fresh however as I have stated my mind is preoccupied on the welfare of my family at this point.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is okay and if I can help in any way let me know.

Btightest blessings


Anonymous said...

I hope whatever is happening can be resolved and that all will be well soon.

Best of luck to you all and I will add your family to my prayer list.


Mark Hand said...

Sorry things aren't 100%. I'm sure you'll work it out.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey Curtis and Melissa. It's leena from Repulse. We are having some trouble here too with the daycare. We have had to pull him out altogether so HO is looking for a transfer for us. ITs been difficult I can tell you that! Things with the store are good...but since we have had to pull our little guy out of daycare, garon has been home with him and we are losing money. We aren't enoying that at all. We are struggling right now and being away from home is rough. Keep us in your prayers as we will do the same for you. take care

Leena Davis
Repulse Bay

Anonymous said...

Curtis I just read your blog and I hope whatever it is can be resolved and all will be well.I hope that the family is going to be okay.You are a strong person and you will get through whatever this is. My thoughts and prayers are with you.