Saturday, October 07, 2006

And another use for Axe shower gel

Hello Everyone,
Well, I tired of waiting for the muqtak to jump out of its skin and cook itself so I was forced to do it, and let me tell you life will never be the same again. I started this blog 364 days ago after recently arriving in the North from Tillsonbug On. One year later, I have just performed a strange form of liposuction on the skin of a Beluga whale. While doing this I has a horrible realization, this smells just like sea-world, and in that one foul moment my childhood changed. After performing my manly duties and putting my blubber on the boil, I realized you cannot wash your hands enough to remove the smell of whale blubber on your hands, until you apply a small dab of Axe shower gel, then the smell is gone, and I'm told you have to beat the chicks off with a stick, So I win twice. Yeah for me!!!
Take care,
P.S. and I'm not going to tell you what it tastes like... yet

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