Monday, October 02, 2006

Ya know winters comin when...

Hello Everyone,
Today they started to burn the dump to make room for a long winter of garbage accumulation, this means winter is definitely around the corner. This fire was started 6 hours ago with a box of kleenex, I know this because I was there getting rid of some expired merchandise. Now it looks like the 6 level of Dante's inferno sans laywers.
BTW for those aspiring urban planners, I had a sudden realization today. Roads up here are very expensive to build. Also no one wants a dump too close to town So you need a road to the dump. Second water is rarely where you need it, so you need to build a road to a clean water supply. Third, You need a road to a sewage lagoon. Ok, now lets backtrack, Roads are Very Expensive, and a hamlet of 700 people doesn't have a tonne of money to build and maintain three separate roads (ok, I guess the sewage and dump could us the same road, but I digress). the result here in Repulse is the dump is about half a mile from the water supply, which in turn is half a mile from the sewage lagoon, which incidently is half a mile from the swimming hole. I also have a announcement, I have converted to filtered and bottled water exclusively.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Saw the pix first and wondered what the heck could be burning out on the tundra?!?

Now I know. Good choice with the bottled water.