Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Johna and the Whale.

Hello Everyone,
Today we got to witness a Beluga harvest, in fact I have 5 pounds of fat in my fridge right now, waiting for some brave soul to eat it. For the first time I was also hesitant to post pictures of the harvest. For some reason both Melissa and I are falling into the southern trap again, of "ohhh, It's so cute", Its also the only northern country food available to the Inuit that conatins vitamin C, the comment that God designed the Beluga for the Inuit may be accurate. The whale we have photographed was tagged with tracking system that had to be removed by the wildlife officer. None of those gentle little under the skin tags up here, look at that monster. The whole whale was about 5 feet long and probably about 300 lbs. It was killed with a .375 rifle and apparently whale's are very dense animals as neither of the shots went completely through the animal, and this rifle will go through a foot of solid wood. The scars on the whale are from polar bear, the bite in the tail was Orca. The Elder standing at the head of the whale is Semi the man who caught the whale.
And on a lighter note, today at lunch we had a visitor. For the first time in a year we had Johova's witness at our door triing to submit us to thier religion. Wow, they really will follow you to the ends of the earth. I want to know, has anyone ever opened the door and after a brief conversation said "Wow, your right, I'm all turned around on this religion idea, Take me to your leader."?

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Anonymous said...

That's quite amazing that the Jehovah Witness was at your door. I guess they really do get around!!

For some reason, I thought that beluga whale would have been much larger. Do they eat the roe? That is the whale that caviar comes from, right??

How old is the newspaper by the time it reaches you? Is part of it written in their native language?

Our weather here has been a roller coaster these past few days. On Wednesday morning, a torrential rain warning was issued for our area and boy, did it come down. I guess at last count, we got about five inches. North of us, near London, they actually got more and in a very short time period. I really do believe that we are in a state of climate change and we can probably expect lots more in the way of extreme weather. If that had been snow, we would still be digging out!!!!

What delicacy are you having for Thanksgiving? I wasn't sure if you had turkeys flown up there for that purpose. Do the locals celebrate it in the same fashion as us southerners?

I hope the weather is being kind to you and that you have a nice celebration for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to more pics and dialogue -- take care -- Rosalie