Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Now I see Says the Blind man.

Hello everyone,
Well today I was having a discussion with my hunting buddy and I had to ask a few questions to explain some things I was having trouble mentally recitifing. While we were hunting , when we saw the Caribou he was very relunctant to shoot at them and only took a shot after I asked him to. The shot wasn't a easy one but it was only about 250 yards, with no real wind and seemed very straighforward, At least I would have taken the shot. This confused me why a experienced substance hunter would be so relunctant to take a fairly clean shot. This was the topic of our conversation today. After much fumbling with translation we came to a couple of conclusions, Kabloona's shoot from too far away, Americans doubly so. Inuit shoot close, and only when they can get a good kill. The Inuit will shoot from far but only if they will definitly lose their prey by getting close. The shot isn't as importantant as the animal, a good shot means nothing on a bad animal. Also the Tundra is very windy with many valleys and ravines creating wind tunnel effects that are difficult to account for in your shot, Therefore you miss more from far away. Also ammo is very expensive Most rifle's capable of making a accurate shot from and good distance means at least a buck a bullet, some of the rifles used for whale's cost $10 a bullet, therefor return on investiment means you have to get a kill fairly often also gas is cheaper thn ammo, so drive closer.
This is why they want to hunt with a Kabloona, first Kabloona will take the risky shot and usually have very good equiptment and might get a lucky kill, Kabloona can afford to waste ammo. Second, Kabloona usually don't want furs. Third, Kabloona don't usually take alot of meat. This means While their way of hunting is more conservative, it also pays to hunt with Kabloona, it becomes win-win.
Take Care.
PS There may be a lack of photo's for a couple of weeks, I'm keeping my camera at the store for the rest of the month. Last year they had to close the store a couple of times cause there were Polar Bears in the parking lot and this is what I'm hoping to get some photo's of.

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