Friday, October 06, 2006

the Fall Colors

Hello Eveyone,
Well, the tide was right. Winter's here. right now the wind outside is about 70mph and howling around anything left outside. The bears are coming near town, waiting to get onto the ice. I renewed my fur liscence today and reviewed the rules and regulations for purchasing Polar Bear and Wolf skins. We asked a local to make Christopher some sealskin Mitts today (they are warmer than anything you'll ever find, however most complain they are too warm to wear most of the year). I pulled out the extension cord to plug in the truck tonight. I'm almost ready to pull out the Parka, instead of the winbreaker and sweater combo. Its -10 and the forecast is calling for snow, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. Hope you southern's enjoy that cruddy, wet, cold, dirty, soggy, rain.
Take Care,
(and enjoy traffic, I passed another truck today, but it was going the other way.)
Love Ya ALL


Anonymous said...

Nice pics.I must say i really enjoy the adventures you are having. Is Melissa enjoying working at the store? Is Christoper still in daycare and learning the language? How many more shipments do you have coming in before they are stopped? What exactly do you do there for recreation.Skating,snowshoeing,?Just curious.Take care

Curtis Groom said...

Hello Donna,
We only recieve one sealift a year ans we've had it. We normally get 2-4 planes a week depending how long it has been since sealift, the further from sealift the more product we have to fly in. As for recreation Melissa and I, Melissa goes to a sewing circle once a week and works at the store. I work at the store, thats about it. The locals play hockey and hunt, the ladies also work with handicraft involving skins, men do some carving, almost Everyone gambles, with a local version of poker. You can't go skating as the arena is almost 24 hours a day booked for hockey. There is no point in snowshoe'ing, thats a myth of the south, when the temperature is as low as it gets up here the snow forms a very srong layer of ice wherever it is exposed to air, I've only fallen through the snow once and that was very late spring (june). Also the boots you wear up here are a little bigger (for all the extra insulation) that those down south so they tend to spread your wieght a bit more. The only time Melissa fell through was on the same trip as I did in June, she just fell a little deeper.
On Monday I'm going hunting with a friend for caribou and (hopefully) wolf (he needs money). So that will be a nice break from the constant working
Take Care