Sunday, October 22, 2006

Finally, ANSWERS

Hello Everyone,
I took this image on June 3rd when Tina arrived and posted it in hopes of finding out what the cloud formation was. Well, yesterday while surfing the Way Way Up blog from Arctic Bay I found he had witnessed some interesting cloud formations as well. Except he had recieved answers. Darcy sent me some information regarding the kind gentleman who was able to assist him in identifing what he witnessed. I contacted this person, Andrew was able to send me the detail of the cloud as well as enviromental conditions that lead to its formation. Thank You Andrew. The cloud is known as a "Kelvin-Helmholtz" wave cloud and forms when two divergent winds meet in a cloud formation. The formation doesn't last long and this one only lasted about ten minutes. I love answers so thank you again Darcy and Andrew for helping me.
Speaking of the enviroment, lately there has been alot of talk about what is happening in the arctic enviromentally and how more research is nessassary to understand the changing conditions. I know of one story from Repulse that is about the sealift in 1978 which occured on Oct 14. During this sealift a icebreaker was needed to come in to allow the barge to get near shore, the cargo was then placed on the ice and brought to the store over the ice. This was not a strange or exceptionally early freeze over for the time. Its now a week past that date, the temp is -1 and there is no sign of ice in the bay, a fishing tournament on a inland lake had to be cancelled this weekend as the ice was too thin to support a person. Its going to be at least 3 weeks before the ice in the Bay is thick enough to put 1000lb weight on, which will leave the ice one month further behind where it was 30 years ago. We don't need research, the Elders can tell you things are changing. But rest assured, in 2050 the government is going to do something about our changing enviroment, of course by then I may be in the Miami Beach of the Arctic circle.
Take Care
PS I guess the government only needs a few more years in order to collect all those billions of dollars in shipping revenues as the northwest passage continues to open up, the way their going we won't need ice-breakers and parka's, just sunscreen.

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Anonymous said...

I was awakened by a thump in the night, only to discover that my dog was trying to tell us he needed to go out. I'm up NOW!!

I am taking this opportunity to catch up on your postings and was fascinated by your description of how the radio service works there. It sounds like that old TV show Northern Exposure, I think it was called. Actually, that new show with Anne Heche "Men in Trees" has a similar look to it and that seems to be the radio system is portrayed as well.

The announcement by the Minister of the Environment left me shaking my head. I am sure you are certainly seeing firsthand what is happening and we should all be up in arms, demanding more responsible action and much sooner than 2050!!!! It seems protecting the tar sands is his number one priority - disgraceful.

We have had rain here off and on for the better part of October. If it was colder and it was snow, we would have been buried by now.

Hope everyone is well - take care