Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The end of the Blizzard

Hello Everyone,
Just a couple of Photo's from today (and for contrast one from July). This morning we saw about 20 Beluga's in the bay about 100 yards from our house. This was nice for a change as we had no doubts what we were seeing as they stayed in the area for about 20 minutes, Then I went to the store to get a camera and the whales left, I got a single bad shot of them leaving then I saw some locals in a boat head out for them, apparently they heard the boat long before I saw it as by the time it arrived they were long gone.
Take Care
PS I really don't want to know what clawed th sign to the dump, but I wouldn't mind knowing why? But since the sign is about 8 feet off the ground, there's not alot of doubt about what did it.

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Anonymous said...

Well for a few hrs.last week our ground looked as snow covered as your does...but then ours went away. Maybe someone up there left a door open or something and we got dumped on.
It is still lousy weather, rain, rain and more rain but no more snow in the immediate forecast.
The mitts look fantastic. So much work put into them. Christopher should have a great time playing in the snow and staying warm and dry.
Any ideas on Halloween in Repulse Bay. Do the kids go out at all?
Bought a sheet for Sam tonight. He wants to cut it up and go out as Charlie Brown.
Guess that's all,
Take care,