Sunday, October 01, 2006

Welcome Winter

Hello Everyone,
Well another week has come and gone, Yesterday I was reading a article in the paper about a government worker who went south for her vacation. She had been very anxious to head south after 27 months in the north. She found the experience of returning to the south to e very upsetting to her sensilities. While restaurants and malls and theaters were able to hold her attention for a week, she found herself longing for the friendliness of the north for the remainder of her vacation, she missed smiling at everyone and saying hello to strangers and friends, She missed the excitement of simply town events, such as when the town got a whale and she missed shaking hands to greet people. Upon her return she was overjoyed at the fact that there were 20 people at the airport all of whom greeted her and shook her hand. Life is different up here, Life is a little harder up here, But the community and the people are capable of compensating for the harsh realism of daily life.

And now for something completely different, Winter is on its way, not because of the snowstorm this week, but yesterday you could smell winter in the air literally. As the water starts to cool down the currents change in the bay, pulling more water from Hudson's Bay and the fresh water from the land stays closer to the shore. the result is all of a sudden you could smell the strong salt air and you knew winter was coming soon.

Take Care

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