Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fishing Derby and Beluga's

Hello everyone,
Fun filled day here in Repulse Bay. We had a fishing derby on one of the inland lakes at 1:00 and by the looks of thing everyone in town plus a few showed up for the fun. The prizes were pretty good, a big screen LCD, a dual core processer desktop computer and a gas generator, so that attacted just about everyone in town. But while the Inuk were at play the Beluga's came into the Bay for some unseen fun (actually there was a Orca waiting outside the islands). But its the first time I was able to take some shots of the Beluga's without all the local boats, I actually got a couple of shots that don't look like waves, so thats good. Tonight I'm going out to play some poker so its been a pretty good day.
Take Care

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