Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sundown at the No-Snow Corral

Hello Everyone,
Well another warm day in a stream of seemingly unending warm days. For about the 5th day in a row we've had temps around zero. Today we had fog for crying out loud. Tonight the low will be -2 (seasonal norms should be around -16). There's no sign of freeze up and our snow is rapidly dissapearing under this strange weather.
I have someone coming in Novemeber to help out (till Christmas I hope). We're busy planning the christmas events, as well as celebrating Northern Days right now. Sales are growing daily so at least I'm not having any hassels from HO, the amazing southern addage holds true up here, take care of sales and all your problems will go away.
Anyways, the real reason for this post was tonight's sunset. This is what greeted me at 4:15 through the front doors of my store. Find me a sunset like that, with fresh air, good people, a complete lack of traffic jams and a strong sense of community and I'll be back south in a minute. I mean, come on look at that sunset, its enough to make a painter cry.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic shot....I'm jealous.