Monday, October 02, 2006

Here's Bruiser

Just a quick shot of Christophers first battle scar. Sorry about the flash burn, needed to be close but didn't have time to change white balance.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Christopher had to get stitches, but with an active youngster, you can expect these kind of things to happen from time to time.

Just hearing you mention snow and the coming of winter makes me shiver. I never look forward to the season, especially when it pertains to driving.

Did you hear about that awful tragedy in Quebec with the overpass? I had never given much thought to the chance that one of them might come falling down on passing motorists. I guess the next time I am out on the highway, I will be more aware that things can fall from above without much warning.

We are in the midst of the anniversay sale at the store and needless to say, it has been extremely hectic.

I hope things are going well for you and look forward to your updates. BTW - what paper were you reading?


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Christopher is all right.The snow that you smell you can keep. We have been getting a fair amount of rain here.The nights are getting chillier and I know winter is coming.The nights are getting longer,yesterday dragged on for so long I thought the day would never end.I am off today so I am just veggin'.Talk to oyu soon take care. Donna

Anonymous said...

Stitches in the head....what a nightmare!!! It only took 3 of you to hold him down, he must not have been trying very hard.
Congratulations Christopher!!!!
Judging by Keith's niece and nephew and their facial scars, that is a badge you will probably keep forever.
So Christopher is doing ok, now how are Mom and Dad?
Are they dissolving stitches or is round 2 going to happen?
Take care, ( a good stiff drink is very medicinal after such an event)

Anonymous said...

quick answers
rosalie- he was reading either nunavut news or kivalliq news- those are the two papers we have.
Not dissolving stitches- round 2 is on monday- yippee!