Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ok, I put the advertisments back up.

Hello Everyone,
Well I finally put the advertisments back up. I know no-one missed them however they amuse me. I love seeing what ads will pop us based on the words in my blog. I enjoy writing to trigger certain ads. I know its petty and small, but I still find it amusing. Besides in the last 10 months I've made $3.56 from these ads, so soon I will retire from these vast resources.
Take Care

PS. OK, does anyone know how these ads work, becuase mine are different from my wife's, are these triggered by cookies, does anyone know? My ads all came up with domestic violence, bullies, etc. whereas Melissa's all came up with mediation, yoga etc (niether of which we have ever searched for or investigated). What did yours come up with?


Anonymous said...

greats pics

Jaime said...

Heh... If I ever need to know about where to buy semi-automatic weapons on the 'net, your blog is the place to go :D

Whenever I've seen these ads before, they usually pertain to stuff you've just been looking for, or the content of the web page they're on. I don't think we've been googling machine guns here... although... maybe I should be sleeping with one eye open... :D -jeff

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that's a sunset!! Nature in all its glory.

Are you saying that the lack of snow and freeze up are linked to global warming? Take heart - Stephen Harper will get to that in 2050.

Hope everyone is well and that you are still tuning in the radio.

Take care -- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

Great picture.
Whatever ads you are talking about may be triggered by cookies because I have the cookies disabled on our computer and we never see any ads.
Do you sell lottery tickets there, or is BINGO the only gambling vice up there?
Take care

Curtis Groom said...

Actually, In Nunavut there are only 2 649 terminals, one in rankin and one in Iqualit. sometimes local events have Navada. Most gambling is done in homes and is a Inuit version of poker and is very prevalent up here. Lots of gamblers.
Take Care