Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ok, So I'm a Idiot, what's your point.

Hello Everyone,
Important life lesson we all have to learn over and over is never assume anything. I ate my Mukta and thought, well the Inuit certainly would do well at Fear Factor. Today discussing my food adventure with a few of my friends from work, I recieved blank stare's when descibing the texture of my experiment until one brave soul asked me "what did you eat, the skin or fat", Obviously I responded the fat. And the universal response from my Inuk audience was "OHHH GROSS", they then fell into a staggering spurt of laughter and Innuktiuk and pointed at me while falling over themselves in glee. Now, all we southerner's know the Inuit eat raw Blubber, at least that was my fatal assumption, they eat raw flesh. Whale Blubber is ok to use as cooking fat but thats about it. When I recieved my cooking instructions, and they said put it in the pot after cutting the fat off, this is where my fatal error - I made my jump in logic that is the reason my name is flying around town at this very moment and the legend of the Dumbass Kabloona has begun...
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... now that you know you ate the wrong part... do you have the stomach to try the rest? Did you keep the rest or has it been trashed? I guess you've assured that you are now known (by reputation anyway) to each and every resident of town :+)

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! At this point I can still say I'm envying you the first sight of snow (though in a couple of months I'm sure I'll retract that). And I believe tomorrow is Curt's day on the land? If so - stay safe!

Smiles & Chuckles,
T :+)

Anonymous said...

Only my son would jump into something without asking first. Did it taste better than brussel sprouts? After that, maybe brussel sprouts would taste good to you.
Hope you had turkey as a follow up for your thanksgiving.
Take care. Love. Mum

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Great story! I think we all make fools our ourselves at one time or another!