Thursday, October 12, 2006

The warmest mitts on Earth

Hello everyone,
Back to work after too brief of a day off, but thats survivable. Last week the fiance of one of my associates broke the scope for his rifle. He mentioned to me that he needed to work for a few days so he could get another one. I had a scope for my rifle, however I've found I shoot better without it and usually take it off or leave it behind completely. Since he hunts several times a week to feed his extended family and earn money I felt the scope would be better in his hands than mine so I gave him the scope. Tonight Gabby and Jessica brought some mitts that Jessica had made for Christopher in return for the scope. They are incredible as you can see. Now the politics of the Seal hunt behind, sealskin is the absolute best fur you can use to keep warm, most adults accually don't use it that often nowadays as it it too warm for everday use. These mitts are made of "green skins". that means they haven't been tanned as that process removes alot of their heat properties. Instead they are washed and scaped, extensively and repeatedly until all smell and material is gone and your just left with fur and leather, the other advantage is that when you get them, they are soft and supple compared to normal unworked leather. that process usually will take about 10 hours of working the skin before it is ready to be worked. Then the patterns are cut and the mitts are sown and lined, which can take another 3-5 hours of finger breaking work which leaves the product you see above. Sealskin Mitts are expensive usually starting around $80.00 for adults, but you'll never be cold again. After all, how do you stay warm under a ice floe when the temp is -40 above the water.... wear sealskin.


Anonymous said...

Nice mitts.That was nice of her to make those for Christopher.You never seem to have a dull moment.I hope your butt has recouped from it's adventurous ride. We had a nice Thanksgiving and the weather was nice to.Well keep us informed of your next adventure ,take care

Anonymous said...

What a cool gift. I am sure Christopher will appreciate having warm hands.

Not much happening here at the present, except the baseball playoffs. I rarely get my hands on the remote some nights - oh well, they'll be over soon.

I am hoping that we will have a return to more seasonable autumn weather as it is just too darn early to be thinking of snow. Did you see in the news how Fort Erie and Buffalo got buried under all that snow. To add insult to injury, the temperature went up and now they are dealing with flooding. The thing that would be the hardest to deal with though, would be the lack of electricity and many are still waiting for power to be restored.

Looking forward to your next adventure -- Rosalie

Curtis Groom said...

Yeah, Bailing out of that would be a problem. Luckily we won't get a thaw here for another 7 months. We do have a blizzard warning right now so hopefully we'll get to see some real accumilations soon